Golf is a Main Attraction

Laid out over gently rolling grounds and across the cliffs above the ocean, the resort’s neatly groomed, 9-hole par 3 and 4 Executive Golf Course gives you a great day’s play in the tropical surroundings of palm trees and exotic birds.

“Tango Mar has a nine hole course and for that reason alone many of us would eliminate it from our list of courses to play but this course is perfect for tuning up the most important and most neglected part of your game : the short game. This is not a chip and putt course as you can see by the course layout below. The number of people with access to play.

“…This allows you to play as many holes as you like or practice to your heart’s content. Tango Mar is not an easy course. If you ‘ve ever had the thrill of watching the Masters in Augusta; Georgia, and have walked their nine hole par three course, you know that the beauty and difficulty of a golf course are not necessarily measured by its distance.” by Landy Blank, Costa Rica Outdoors, March 1997

Landy also says on that “Tango Mar is a 150-acre private beachfront reserve located at Playa Quisales, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. While I usually avoid recommending nine hole golf courses, Tango Mar is one of the exceptions.

The course is perfect for tuning up the most important and most neglected part of your game: the short game. Measuring 2000 yards, Tango Mar is not an easy course. This is a great spot for couples who want to mix a romantic getaway with a little golf.”

Golf Green Fees

GREEN FEE                                                                 $20.00 + taxes, p/p

RENTAL EQUIPMENT                                             $20.00 + taxes

GOLF CART (max.4 hours)                                   $35.00 + taxes

GOLF BALLS (new or recycled)                          $10.00 + taxes

TEES                                                                              $  3.00 + taxes

*Please register at the front desk.


  • You must be over 18 years old and have a driver’s license.
  • Maximum 2 persons are allowed per golf cart and may only be used on the property roads.