Curú National Wildlife Refuge – The Rule of Nature

February 2, 2024 Comments Off

When I’m rushing from the Paquera Ferry to reach my destination at Tango Mar or another place, I generally don’t pay much attention to what’s next to the road. In part it is good, because the path winds quite a bit and one has to concentrate. However, it is also a shame, because I have

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Turtle Island

January 31, 2024 Comments Off

Ever since I learned that the movie “1492” was filmed on Turtle Island, I wanted to go see that island – how special it had to be if it was considered the ideal place to reconstruct an arrival that in reality took place on the other side of the country, In the Caribbean Sea. And

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Magical hours

January 15, 2024 Comments Off

Tango Mar is one of the few privileged places from where you can see both the sunrise and the sunset, although the latter is a little to the side and behind the mountains. To experience a little more of the magical hour – this is what the moments before sunset is called, when the sky is painted in bright

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With 50 babies to the beach…

January 10, 2024 Comments Off

Yessss!! You read that right. 50 babies… baby turtles, that is. Tango Mar supports the “Tambor Bay Turtles” project that works to protect turtles – hawksbill turtles in this case. Turtles nest mainly from July to December, the peak month being September. A hawksbill turtle has 1 to 3 nests per season, the first has between 95 and 120 eggs, the

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To the Solitary Tree with Valeska

January 9, 2024 Comments Off

Tango Mar is located at an ideal distance from Nicoya’s famous solitary tree to visit on a horseback ride. A little trip that I didn’t want to miss. But…on horseback…hmmm. When I arrived at the stables there were already other people for the ride – they too hadn’t ridden in a long time. Cornelio, the guide, showed each of us a horse. In my case, it was

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Tango Mar’s own heroes

November 30, 2023 Comments Off

What does it mean to work at Tango Mar? Well… imagine having the sound of the waves in the office, hearing the monkeys and parrots in the palms in front, and sometimes even seeing the whales playing in the ocean. And with all this, the tropical heat tempered by a delicious breeze. Moreover, we are lucky enough

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Getting there!

April 12, 2023 Comments Off

Tango Mar is a diamond, and just like that precious stone, you can’t find it by just looking around…you have to really search for it to be able and marvel at its splendor and beauty. And continuing with the comparison… once you find it, the only thing you can think is

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The sun shows off

September 7, 2022 Comments Off

It’s magical to wake up at Tango Mar and to see the sun come up with a soft golden reflection on the palms in front of the window. To hear the crash of the waves. To step out onto the deserted beach and watch a lone bird fly just above the water, looking for a

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The great Scarlet Macaw

February 28, 2022 Comments Off

The scarlet macaw, ara macao or guacamayo – the name alone sounds like a latin dance – with its splendid colors, boisterous chatter and graceful flight speaks volumes to the imagination. And not just ours… For the Aztecs, this bird was related to the sun, and its feathers highly sought after for elaborate headdress. It

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Let’s go whale watching!

February 28, 2022 Comments Off

Talking about whales is speaking in superlatives: adult, these animals can measure up to 15 meters and easily weigh an impressive 30 tons. The whales seen in Costa Rican waters are humpback whales. They get their name from the ‘hump’ on their back that is even more visible when they dive into the deep. Often

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Tango Mar Beachfront Hotel and Villas: A getaway with friends

July 25, 2019 Comments Off

Friends Getaway to Tango Mar Beachfront Hotel and Villas Tango Mar Beachfront Hotel and Villas is an ideal getaway for friends in search of relaxation and adventure, as we found out during a recent excursion to the Gulf of Nicoya, on the Costa Rican Pacific Coast. Journey from San José Our journey began in San

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