Located on the Northern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is considered to be a transitional zone between the most tropical setting of the south western portion of the country and the drier Northern Guanacaste radio.

Hidden secrets of longevity have recently discovered here making this area of the top four places in the world to be categorized as blue zones, where people can live for more than a century.

Diverse vegetation and abundant wildlife can be seen along the peninsula throughout the many established natural reserves and natural parks. The Nicoya Peninsula is beautiful with endless beaches will the years round warm water entices many types of aquatic activities with scuba diving, snorkeling, sport fishing and surfing being the most popular.

There are three ways to access the peninsula: By Ferry from Puntarenas to the southern port of Paquera or Naranjo; by road from Liberia entering the peninsula from the north while crossing the golf via the Tempisque bridge; or by daily scheduled flights to the Tambor, Liberia or Nosara Airport.