It’s a full body massage, low intensity, ideal to stimulate circulation. It consists in relaxing the body and mind through traditional European technique.

Reduce stress by relaxing your hands and tired feet, promote good sleep.

Use almond oil or cream.

$ 65 ,  1 hour  –  $ 95 ,  1 hour and a half


This massage is recommended for those who enjoy the slow, deep massage,

Your role is to alleviate muscular tension and pain. It concentrated in the back,

shoulders and legs area. Also previously give exercises to warm the muscles,

producing better performance.

$ 90,   1 hour  –  $ 135,  1 hour and a half


Depending on the specific needs of your body treatments combine the best and most varied massage techniques.

$ 95,  1 hour   –   $ 135   1 hour and a half


A heavenly combination of sensations. This massage begins with a gentle

manipulations on the body to achieve a state of relaxation, followed by a deep tissue massage to relieve muscle tension and stress accumulated,  after customer hot stones treatment to reduce pain caused by tension and Finally reflexology treatments to restore the natural energy flow throughout the body.

$ 135,  1 hour and a half


This is recommended for people who require physical therapy with blades, cervical and lumbar problems, whether caused by accidents, poor posture, sudden movements or after immobilization (Hot or cold wrappers will be apply depending on need).

$ 85, 1 hour   –   $ 130,  1 hour and a half


By exerting pressure on energy points of the feet and hands will discover one of the most effective ways to relieve pain, reduce stress and restore the natural balance of the body.

$ 60, 45 minutes


A combination of massages starting from the shoulders to stimulate circulation and continues in the neck to relieve stress accumulated tension.  Finally focuses the massage on the head for maximum relaxation.

$ 80,  1 hour


Excellent treatment for both the mind and the body as a combination of a

gentle massage using natural essential oils from  plants, flowers, tree bark fruits, grass and seeds chosen according to their need to act on the immune system. It also serves as a stimulant anti-inflammatory, hydrating, astringent,

anti depressant and improves digestion.

$ 85,  1 hour   –   $ 130, 1 hour and a half


It is a therapy that is made of volcanic rock base, first massage is muscle preparation and then you’ll be massaged with the stones.  This  massage helps relieving rheumatism and arthritic problems

$ 85, 1 hour   –   $ 130,  1 hour and a half


With this massage technique manages to open small blood vessels, lymph

nodes and channels thereby stimulating lymphatic circulation, quickly absorbing and eliminating waste substances. An efficient lymphatic system gives your body a stronger immune system can fight infection and disease.

$ 85,  1 hour   –   $ 130,  1 hour and a hour


Start with heating and an aromatic essence spray to set the mood, together

with a feather ritual that evokes a mysterious sensual atmosphere far from

giving a sense of captivating oriental culture is a wonderful therapy that uses

both the energy of the land as ocean energy.

$ 95,  1 hour


Recommended for prolong the tan, ideal for delicate and sensitive skin. The effects are deep hydration, calms and clears at the same time that supplies nutrients to revitalize skin.

$ 90,  1 hour


It exfoliates your entire body, thus completely remove and delete all the dead skin cells, this peel is done with natural products that hydrate, soothe and revitalize your skin leaving new and hydrated.

$ 85,  1 hour


Facial Treatments - Morning dew

Therapies to clean, purify and moisturize your skin. These treatments leave your face glowing and refreshed.

Especially for sensitive skins. This treatment consists of:

Cleansing milk total comfort

Astringent tonic total comfort

Comfortable Balm sensitive skin

Special mask for sensitive skin

Prolonged hydration facial cream

$ 90,  1 hour


Intense Hydration

High tolerance cleanser.

Astringent tonic total comfort

Facial scrub

Intense hydration serum

Moisturizing facial mask

Prolonged moisturizing face cream

$ 90,  1 hour


“Flash” Facial


Special toning Blisters


Cream according to skin type.

$ 75,  45 Minutes

Collagen facial

This treatment is recommended for all skin types from 30 years of age, giving immediate effects of splendor intensive hydration and healing, as well as features smoothed and luminous complexion.

$ 85,  1 hour

Deep Cleansing Facial

This treatment includes a deep facial according to your skin type increased penetration of the components.

We begin cleaning the face, then exfoliate, extract, toned and followed by a refreshing mask that acts as a painkiller after the extraction., and finally a mask according to your skin type.

 $ 90,  1 hour

Intensive Lifting Facial

This treatment is recommended for all skin types, from 20 years of age. 15 minutes after the treatment the effect of lifting will be immediately visible: the features smoothed, wrinkles and complexion dimmed clarified. This can be applied several times a week intensive cure.

$ 90,  1 hour

For Gentlemen

This treatment will apply a cleansing gel, purifying astringent tonic, making this a special energy that leaves the skin brighter and more luminous

 $ 90,  1 hour

Earth Package

Facial Massage and a combination of Hot Stone Massage.

$ 150,  1 hour and a half


It consists in a exfoliation to cleanse the skin of impurities, followed by a

delicious and nutritious wrap to finish with a relaxing Swedish massage.

  • Aloe Vera Wrap
  • Oats & Honey wrap
  • Cucumber Wrap
  • Tropical Fruits Wrap
  • Chocolate Wrap
  • Temptation Wrap
  • Coffee & Grape Wrap

 $   150,  1   hour and a half

Tranquility Package

Dedicated Facial Massage, Warm Chocolate Wrap & Relaxing Swedish massage

$ 150,  1 hour and a half

Personalized Package

Go ahead and build your own package according to your preferences!

This package you do it yourself, where you can choose from a scrub, a wrap and a massage of your choice.

$ 190,  2 hours



Manicure          $ 20

Pedicure          $ 25

Lady Haircut      $ 25

Man Haircut       $ 15

Bride Hairstyle   $ 70

Bride Makeup      $ 50


Eyebrow          $ 10
Armpit           $ 15
Bikini Area      $ 20
Half Leg         $ 25
Leg              $ 50


Detoxification massage all internal organs, relaxing feeling of being centered flexibility balance, joint mobility, lengthen muscles, elongate the spine, improve posture, stress release, sleep well, quick result & weight loss.


Reserve here with one day in advance. Time for the yoga class 1 hour

If you want to try yoga by yourself, ask for the yoga matt at the reception.


1 or 2 person      $ 30

3 or 4 person      $ 22

5 or more person   $ 17