Getting there!

Tango Mar is a diamond, and just like that precious stone, you can’t find it by just looking around…you have to really search for it to be able and marvel at its splendor and beauty. And continuing with the comparison… once you find it, the only thing you can think is “it was really worth it all”.

Below are some tips so that you can find this jewel more easily.

Are you coming from the airport Juan Santamaría, from San José, or from the South?

Think first if you will want to move around a lot when in Tango Mar. If not, and you prefer to enjoy the place, the beach and the water, or you plan to choose one or more tours that pick you up and drop you off at the hotel, consider flying. The domestic airport, served by Sansa and Green Airways, is next to the International Airport Juan Santamaría, and from San José to Cobano is a 30 minutes flight, with a small plane flying low enough to guarantee you a splendid view of Costa Rica from the air. Also, if you notify us in advance, Tango Mar will take care of picking you up at Cobano airstrip.

If, on the contrary, your idea is to enjoy Tango Mar also as a base to discover the region by your own means, it is more comfortable to have a vehicle nearby. In that case, calculate about 4 to 5 hours of route. I recommend route 27, which has 2 lanes in various parts – you will notice that is a real luxury in Costa Rica – and in about an hour and a half gets you to Caldera where the route reaches the sea. From there, you travel to Puntarenas (about 20 minutes) to take the ferry to Paquera. Avoid waiting times and buy the ticket in advance.

If you prefer not to go by ferry, there is an alternate route along the Interamericana Norte (route 1), crossing to the Nicoya peninsula via the La Amistad Bridge over the Tempisque River, then heading towards Paquera. That is over 100km more of the route, but there are also beautiful views of the Gulf of Nicoya.


Do you come from Liberia, Nicoya or the North?

If you come from Liberia, you also have the option of flying (it takes 30 minutes) – the domestic airport is on the first floor of the international one.

If you are driving, from Liberia it is 150 km along Route 21, which takes you through the Nicoya peninsula to Paquera.


I’m in Paquera, now what?

In both cases, ferry or route, from Paquera you follow the route to Cobano. It’s about 30 km, but it lasts 45 minutes because there are many curves and you shouldn’t speed – also, when rushing you’d miss out on quite some beautiful landscapes. Once you pass the Tambor hotel on the left side it is about 6 km more, after 5 km you start to see the signs for Tango Mar. Look closely, because the driveway is small. Also, if you have been using Waze, once off the main road you better ignore it because it is wrong there. Let yourself be guided by the Tango Mar signs, because at any time now you will see it in front of you and you can start your vacation.

Finally, wherever you come from, don’t forget that at Tango Mar we will gladly help you organize the transfer. Contact us, we are here to serve you.


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