Tango Mar’s own heroes

What does it mean to work at Tango Mar? Well… imagine having the sound of the waves in the office, hearing the monkeys and parrots in the palms in front, and sometimes even seeing the whales playing in the ocean. And with all this, the tropical heat tempered by a delicious breeze.

Moreover, we are lucky enough to be welcoming persons who, almost without exception, are happy to get here and hoping to pass some exceptional holidays. We see smiles and happiness, and it’s no wonder.

One would think that, when living or working here, we somewhat forget the world ‘outside’, but far from it. If you have been at Tango Mar, you may well have been welcomed with a warm smile by Cindy, or your invoice at the end may have been reviewed by Yansy from accounting. Both work in Tango Mar, but they are also active volunteer forest firefighters with Sinac.

Last summer, when Canada was ravaged by forest fires to the point of needing international help to fight the fires, Yansy and Cindy left work and home, put on their boots and signed up, together with 41 other volunteers chosen by Sinac from among its active forest firefighters.

“The conservation of forests motivates me, I want future generations to be able to enjoy everything that the forests in their different ecosystems offer us and that we enjoy”, Cindy clarifies.

For Yansy, the leap into the unknown was huge: the furthest she had been away from home unti then was to the capital San José, however, encouraged by her daughters, now she packed her bags for abroad. “Everything was different… the language, the country, the climate, … it was like arriving in another world”, she remembers.

Both young women agree that what impressed them most was the emphasis on people’s safety displayed by their Canadian colleagues.  “They don’t do any rush work, they first have an action plan which always emphasizes everyone’s safety”, Cindy explains.

Now, back to normal, they remember especially that it was a great experience. “I feel infinitely grateful for the great opportunity I had, a wonderful experience with great learning”, says Cindy.

Yansy also highlights the beautiful welcome they received, and like Cindy, although after the first month they already went back for another deployment, if they ask her again, she goes again, she says with conviction. And, smiling, she adds: “Well, that is, if my husband and my employer give me permission.”

 Over time, the memory of those hard days will fade, but the satisfaction of having done an extraordinary job remains. And also, our respect and admiration for our heroes.