To the Solitary Tree with Valeska

Tango Mar is located at an ideal distance from Nicoya’s famous solitary tree to visit on a horseback ride. A little trip that I didn’t want to miss. But…on horseback…hmmm.

When I arrived at the stables there were already other people for the ride – they too hadn’t ridden in a long time. Cornelio, the guide, showed each of us a horse. In my case, it was the mare Valeska. I hesitated for a moment, but seeing she looked at me calmly and with beautiful eyes, she convinced me and I mounted her without fear. We had a click (according to me…).

The ride started through the trees behind Tango Mar. A fairly narrow path, but it was no problem for the horses. A little unsure at first, we soon found a rhythm that allowed us to talk and really enjoy the ride through the forest that threw a delicious shade.

We rode quietly, interrupted from time to time when Valeska wanted to walk alongside her friend and tried a gentle jog.

We were not alone in the woods. Above us we heard some howls, and we saw howler monkeys playing in the trees, jumping from one tree to another. Above them and us, we saw some scarlet, elegant and colorful macaws. There was even one that sat on a branch, as if to pose for us. It turned the trip into an even more special experience.

The road went downhill for a while and suddenly we found ourselves on a beach. We stopped for a moment to feel the breeze and admire the beauty of the place.

Then, on we went again among the trees – blessed shadow! – and, back at the edge of the sea where, suddenly, we saw it: the solitary tree. The name is no exaggeration. It really is alone in the sea, has its roots in the water, and when the tide is low you can see them reaching out for several meters.

I was very impressed. Alone, its roots in the water, with no other sound than the gentle beating of the waves against its trunk, it gives us an example of resilience and willpower. Proudly out of place, splendid in its solitude. I felt small and humble in the face of so much greatness, but above all…marveled at seeing it.


Cornelio, the tour guide, says that the tree has been around for more than 100 years. They also call it “the Tree of God,” and according to some locals it grants them miracles. To me, just seeing it survive there seems like one.

When we returned to Tango Mar I said goodbye to Valeska as to an old friend. She, with the same look as before. It was clear to me… the click was imagination, but I was still happy with the ride. It was worth it!