Tango Mar Beachfront Hotel and Villas: A getaway with friends

Friends Getaway to Tango Mar Beachfront Hotel and Villas

Tango Mar Beachfront Hotel and Villas is an ideal getaway for friends in search of relaxation and adventure, as we found out during a recent excursion to the Gulf of Nicoya, on the Costa Rican Pacific Coast.

Journey from San José

Our journey began in San José, Costa Rica, with a short drive to the Pacific Coast. A varied group of friends, three nationalities, all searching for a tropical immersion and a break from routine. We boarded the Tambor ferry to cross the Gulf of Nicoya, a lovely ride admiring the coastline and keeping an eye out for marine life, like pelicans, turtles and dolphins. After about 90 minutes we arrived on the other side, and headed to Tango Mar. An easy picturesque drive of about an hour brought us to the entrance of the resort, and already we could visualize the manicured slopes of the golf course, only one of the high-end amenities available inside the resort grounds.

The grounds 

A fresh towel and a tropical beverage at the front desk, and we checked in, and I must say the first impression is quite breathtaking. Main building and the ocean view rooms all look out into the ocean, and are just steps away from a beach made private by its geography. The front desk kindly reviewed a map of the property and how to navigate it. Natural reserve, look out points, golf, trails, walks on the beach, cocktails by the pool, horseback riding…. already so much to look forward to! 


One of our friends is interested in photography, and looked out perfect spots to take photographs, another is keen on fitness and immediately set out on a hike of the jungle trails. I enjoy walking on the beach and to meditate, so I found a lovely spot under a canyon where my only companions were the hermit crabs around me and meditated with the ocean breeze on my face. Tango Mar Beachfront Hotel and Villas has something for everyone!


The three of us met for dinner at El Cristobal Restaurant and excitedly shared the day´s adventures. We all chose different options from the menu, ranging from freshly seared tuna, to a chicken Caesar salad, when, prepared tableside by our kind and jovial servers, became the evening´s highlight.

On our way back to the city from our escapade at Tango Mar Beachfront Boutique Hotel and Villas we thought how ideal its location and amenities are to welcome lovers, families and groups of friends like ourselves. Experience it yourself and book your getaway on https://tangomar.com/.

Article by:

Katie Widdowson