The sun shows off

It’s magical to wake up at Tango Mar and to see the sun come up with a soft golden reflection on the palms in front of the window. To hear the crash of the waves. To step out onto the deserted beach and watch a lone bird fly just above the water, looking for a careless fish for its breakfast. To think of nothing else but the privilege of being here, as if the world were yours.

At Tango Mar, we go the extra mile to make your stay with us unforgettable. Our staff works hard so you really feel on holidays, and in our kitchen we prepare your meals with the best ingredients…and with lots of love.

However, the most special experience when here, we cannot organize or sell you. We give it to you for free: the enjoyment of sunrise on one side and sunset on the other side of the beach. The sensation of peace when hearing the sound of the waves.

What we can sell you is a delicious coffee before breakfast, so you can enjoy in on the terrace and close your eyes, while the birds in the trees wake up and get ready to stare their daily concert, and little by little fill the day with life and joy.

We can organize your day with activities for all ages and conditions, so you never forget your holidays with us.

And for you to be back for the golden hour, when the sun slips down behind the mountain, in a spectacle of fiery colors that gradually fade to let the night pass.

If you are lucky and the sky is cloudless, it is possible to see thousands of stars above the sea. And then, little by little, the sounds of the day vanish again, so you can fall asleep with no other sound than, once again, the crashing of the waves.